Some Prefer It On Top

Welcome to a website dedicated to those who prefer it on top - of a mountain. This website documents my many ascents in the Canadian Rocky Mountains (and occasionally elsewhere). It is my intent to share with you, my passion for the outdoors, for hiking and for scrambling. This website is designed to allow you to vicariously follow my adventures in the Canadian Rockies and to enjoy the splendor of their glaciated peaks and lake-filled valleys as I do. It will be updated frequently with new ascents as I complete them. Photos and a blog-style entry will be recorded for every ascent. It is my hope that these will serve as a resource for other outdoorsmen (and women) who wish to add their names to those already listed in the summit registers high atop. May you enjoy all of your scramble adventures as much as I have mine!
-Matthew Hobbs

What's New?

The Mountains are open! Please enjoy them responsibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
• One last winter date: escaping spring (and kids) atop the Kananaskis Lookout!
• And Boom goes the "Dolomite"! Explosive views from the summit of Dolomite Shoulder!
• The new year's first summit served up views that are going to be hard to top! A hellaciously pretty snowshoe up Spreading Ridge.
• Rounding out 2020 with a long-overdue (KID-FREE!!!) ski date up to Skogan Pass.
• BIG views from "Little Lougheed"!

My Tribute to the Forefather of Scrambling in the Canadian Rockies Alan Kane: