Mount Lawson

Elevation: 2795 m
Elevation Gain:1240 m
Major W. E. Lawson was an employee of the Geological Survey of Canada who was killed in WWI. Walter Wilcox and H. G. Bryant named this peak in his honor in 1922.
My Ascents:
July 15 2011

On my numerous ascents of Grizzly Peak, I’ve often looked across the valley at Mount Lawson’s steep east face and wondered how on Earth this could be considered a moderate scramble. Ever since, I’ve been curious to try this peak out for myself. With nothing better to do on a Friday, I decided to head out to Kananaskis Country to find out!

Mount Lawson looks quite intimidating from the highway. After some serious bushwhacking, the route ascends just to the left of the largest snow-filled gully near the top.

Kane claims that the slope is not as steep as it looks from the highway. He's full of shit.

Kane also suggests that you not let a few trees deter you. Our definitions of 'few' differ apparently...better still any semblance of a path tends to lead in the wrong direction. It would be very easy to get lost in this forest and I was very glad that I had a compass along with me!

A creek that I had to hop en route.

The source of said creek.

A cirque at the base of Mount Inflexible to the north.

Time to start groveling up ruble. More interesting scrambling to the left according to Kane. I found the mountain to be generally unpleasant no matter where I ascended!

Typical terrain. 500 vertical meters of this loose shit interspersed with 2 meter high rock bands.

Some of the 'more interesting' scrambling to the left...

The summit view really made it all worthwhile though.

The forecast promised sun...

I'm told there's a hidden valley and a tarn back there. Couldn't really tell with the snow falling though.

Summit #18. Won't be back to this one any time soon!

I suspect the view of the Kananaskis Valley and the Opal Range would be spectacular on a clear day though.

Not a rainbow. More accurately, a snowbow.

Mounts Bogart, Kidd and the Wedge somewhere over the rainbow.

Of course once I got off the summit, it cleared up a little. I think Lawson just had it in for me.

Grizzly Peak across the valley. Mounts Evan Thomas and Packenham flirting with the clouds.

Mount Kidd.

Kane suggests the possibility of an 'exhilarating' glissade. Based on a personal fear of death that I have, I took a pass for today. I didn’t enjoy the scrambling to the climber’s left of the gully on the way up so I decided to descend to the skier’s left. In the end, I think that this was actually worse and the icy steep snow in the gully prevented me from crossing back over to more familiar terrain.

Apparently the sun does shine on the summit of Lawson. Just not when I'm there.

Happy that this was my only wildlife sighting. The extensive bushwhacking and lack of any approach trail contribute to giving Lawson a very isolated and remote feeling, especially if you're scrambling solo!

Almost down...looking back at the ascent route. Never again.